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Benefits of High-Performance Tyres

A high-performance tyre on a sleek red sports car.

Originally designed for racecourse driving, high performance tyres are a popular option for owners of sports cars and other vehicles who want increased handling response and traction. Performance tyres are all about delivering an enhanced driving experience with unique tread patterns, construction features and special rubber compounds that all improve the precision, responsiveness and traction of your vehicle.

High performance tyres are built for the street but are inspired by technology from the track, fine-tuned to provide greater manoeuvrability and control, especially in wet conditions. They are geared towards drivers that don’t simply want to go from point A to point B but seek a heightened experience behind the wheel.


While you may not consider yourself a high-performance driver, modern road conditions and car designs demand a particular level of driving from all road users. High performance tyres allow your car to react quickly to inputs, meaning they work better with ABS systems and today’s highly sensitive steering and suspension systems.

Improved Handling

High performance tyres are made from a softer rubber and feature more rigid side walls that enables better traction at higher speeds. This means your car can better hug tight curves and provides a smoother driving experience overall. The wide surfaces and stick rubber also help you stop your vehicle quickly, meaning you don’t have to brake as sharply, improving road safety and reducing wear and tear.

Heat Dispersion

Overheating is a major cause of tyre failure, particularly when your tyre begins to wear. The premium materials featured in high performance tyres makes them much more able to resist heat build-up. This improves safety and increases the longevity of your set of tyres. Keep in mind that most high-performance tyres are designed for warmer climates. If you live in an area that experiences cold weather regularly (below 7 °C), you may need winter tyres.

Characteristics of High-Performance Tyres

High performance tyres feature the same basic elements as regular tyres but they have been fine tuned to maximise performance. Depending on the particular tyre, these changes can include:

  • A low, short profile sidewall to enhance cornering capabilities
  • Rim flange protectors to help protect wheels and provide lateral stiffness
  • Belts placed at a lower angle to increase responsiveness
  • Large tread blocks for better dry traction and grip
  • Overlay material and layup that allows higher speed ratings
  • Compounding tread cap for both wet and dry traction
  • Stiffer and wider apex to enhance cornering power
  • Uses less blades and aggressive blocks in tread patterns to enhance handling

Looking for Great High-Performance Tyre Deals?

With locations all across Australia, Tyrepower can help you if you’re looking for a brand-new set of high-performance tyres. We offer great wheel and tyre packages from brands like Kumho tyres, Goodyear tyres, Continental tyres, Maxxis tyres, Hankook tyres, Michelin tyres, Pirelli tyres and Toyo tyres.

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